The TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem

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History of the TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem

TechBubble Technologies was initially created to provide information about the latest modern technologies and how to stay safe while using them. The platform was the hub for a weekly article that was featured in a local expat newspaper on the Costa Blanca, Spain. Today, the Modern Technology, Security & Innovation Blog is still a major part of the TechBubble EcoSystem, and continues to become increasingly popular with visitors from all over the world. TechBubble Technologies do not only provide information about the latest modern technologies and ways to increase security & privacy on the web, but are also heavily involved in development of modern disruptive and non disruptive technologies. The TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem is a platform that has evolved from over 10 years of development. The core of the ecosystem is the TechBubble GUI, an online operating system that gives you the power to manage and monitor your business and home wherever you are in the world. Although work is not totally complete in some areas of the ecosystem, the majoritry of the systems that are available have been in use by business of all types throughout the world over the last ten years and have been fine tuned to make them easy to use and to help businesses become more efficient and productive.

The TechBubble GUI

The TechBubble GUI is a central control panel that allows you to manage not only the systems that allow control your website content and online presence, but also business administration systems that streamline your business, device specific applicaions, and Internet of Things devices that help automate your world. The GUI is responsive which means that you can access the GUI anywhere in the world on any device as long as you have an internet connection. The TechBubble GUI is an online operating system for you to manage your business more efficiently and automate many of your day to tasks and environment. 

The TechBubble GUI is VoiceAssisted which is one of the technologies provided by TechBubble, VoiceAssisted Hybrid Apps are still in their early days. VoiceAssisted systems allow users to hear content on VoiceAssisted applications at a click of a button instead of having to read it. VoiceAssisted applications also provided voice control to some of the TechBubble online management systems. TOA, the TechBubble Online Assistant is a natural linguistics program similar to Siri and Cortana that allows users to manage their business more efficiently using voice commands, in 2016, more attention will be taken to perfecting and expanding this system.

TechBubble A.I

TechBubble A.I combines the systems provided by TechBubble Technologies with Artificial Intelligence programs created through oIsCore. oIsCore, the Online Intelligent Systems Core has been on hold for the last year or so while the TechBubble EcoSystem, as it is known now, has been in development. Work is now underway to integrate some of the oIsCore A.I programs to allow them to be able to help TechBubble Technologies clients automate their business even further. TIA, the TechBubble Intelligent Assistant, will be the first Artificial Intelligence program created by TechBubble Technologies/oIsCore and will be a Windows application that allows you to control TechBubble IoT devices and automate the process of using the TechBubble GUI, this A.I will evolve from oIsAI CPP, the oIsCore Personal Assistant V2.0.The future of TechBubble A.I will also include robotics that will utilize TechBubble Technologies A.I programs as the brains of various robotic units.

TechBubble Jumpway

The TechBubble IoT Jumpway is an IoT device that sits on a local network and controls traffic and data to and from TechBubble IoT devices on your network. The gateway is an MQTT broker which allows machine to machine communication, other TechBubble IoT devices located on the same network subscribe to the MQTT broker and push data from various sensors to the broker, the gateway then pushes messages to any device which is subscribed to the same channel on the network. The IoT Jumpway is an IoT security system, MQTT broker, web server, MySql server, proxy server, mail server and a cloud file server. In addition to these features the IoT Jumpway also acts a gateway that allows you to manage and control other TechBubble IoT devices such as TASS, TASD and TASC that are on the same home or business network. Over the following year TechBubble will developing more connected devices ranging from security systems, home/business automation devices and environment management/control devices, all of these systems will be managable via the TechBubble IoT Jumpway, the TechBubble GUI and TechBubble A.I.

The Future Of The Beginning!

The TechBubble EcoSystem is evolving rapidly and soon many of the core features will be in place, in 2016 we will see some amazing technologies being added to the platform as we team up with innovators and inventors throughout the world. We will keep you updated of new features, systems and partnerships through our company blog and you can keep up to date with the latest modern technologies and innovation via the TechBubble Modern Technology & Security Blog.


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