Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

Hybrid Web Development is a unique form of website development that allows your website to not only be accessed on desktop and mobile devices, but also as Facebook Applications and Facebook Tab Applications that attach to your business Facebook page.

Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

tassAI is computer vision software that is able to communicate autonomously with applications and devices via the Internet of Things. Our commercial version of tassAI powers a number of our Internet Of Things projects such as retailAI, but an open source version, tassPVL, is also available for developers to use with the IoT JumpWay Developer Program.


Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

retailAI is the future of brick and mortar retail stores, set to revolutionize and disrupt the retail industry. retailAI combines computer vision, natural linguistics, and e-commerce, to create a totally automated front of store experience.


Smart Social Marketplace
Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

Smart Social Marketplace provides you with a one click technological map and price overview by geographical and topic area on the smart cities market. It builds confidence between the demand and the offer through transparency which make the technological transformation of a city easy. The Smart Social Marketplace project is a Hybrid Application, based on the foundations of the A.I. E-Marketplace system. As with all Hybrid Applications, the Smart Social Marketplace project is not only accessible on desktop and mobile devices, but also inside of Facebook as a Facebook App and Facebook Tab App on desktop devices.


The Little White Bull Benidorm
Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

The Little White Bull is a quirky little side street bar, located in the heart of Benidorm's Oldtown. The Little White Bull project is a Hybrid Application, based on the foundations of the OnlineAdvancer Photo Gallery Package .


IoT JumpWay
Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

The IoT JumpWay is an IoT platform that provides a high performance, scalable and efficient solution for IoT developers and Makers. The platforms provides the fundamental services that allow you to securly distribute data from IoT devices and manage and control them securely via applications.


A.I. E-Commerce Demo
Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

The A.I. E-Commerce Store brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to the world of E-Commerce. This unique system provides businesses with a trainable Artificially Intelligent Assistant that can assist visitors to the application with things like finding products and product info, navigating around the application, adding products to cart and managing their cart, checking out, and managing their account.


AI Assistants
Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

The TechBubble Technologies Artificial Intelligence Assistants are a range of Artificially Intelligent Assistants in the areas of Retrieval Based and Generative Natural Linguistics, and Computer Vision, powered by the TechBubble Technologies A.I. Platform.


Kids In A.I.
Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

Kids In A.I. provides kids of all ages, with education about Artificial Intelligence, tools and exercises to help them learn how to program A.I., and to apply it to real world use cases that will benefit their communities.


Adam Milton-Barker
Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

Adam Milton-Barker is the founder and CEO of TechBubble Technologies Limited and TechBubble Technologies EU. Adam is also an Intel Software Innovator and involved disruptive and non disruptive technologies including Hybrid Web / Mobile & Facebook App Development, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.


Shieldaig Kennels & Cattery
Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

Shieldaig Kennels & Cattery, provide "5 Star" luxury accommodation for dogs and cats, they will be cared for and looked after just like at home.


Conveyancing Spain
Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

Conveyancing Spain is a top class conveyancing network of dedicated lawyers who will be available to ensure you of a relaxed and enjoyable purchasing experience, supporting you through each step of the transmission process.


Vapouround Juice
Hybrid Web Development Portfolio

Vapouround Juice