A.I. E-Commerce Demo

The A.I. E-Commerce Store brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to the world of E-Commerce. This unique system provides businesses with a trainable Artificially Intelligent Assistant that can assist visitors to the application with things like finding products and product info, navigating around the application, adding products to cart and managing their cart, checking out, and managing their account.

The A.I. E-Commerce Store Demo project is a Hybrid Application, based on the foundations of the A.I. E-Commerce Starter Package and includes the OnlineAdvancer Video Gallery Plugin as well as some systems custom built specifically for the project.

As with all Hybrid Applications, the A.I. E-Commerce Store Demo is not only accessible on desktop and mobile devices, but also inside of Facebook as a Facebook App and Facebook Tab App on desktop devices.

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A.I. E-Commerce Demo

Image Source: A.I. E-Commerce Demo