Hosted E-Commerce Services Addon


Product information

How It Works

The Hosted E-Commerce Services Addon is a great way to get started with E-Commerce on your website. The addon integrates seemingly with your existing website, and you can easily request your own functionality to be added during the development process.

This product is a baseline product, which means you can add it to your quote request and it will be used as a baseline. Baseline products are off the shelf systems that reduce the cost of your project. 

The minimum cost for this product is the price shown on this page, once you submit your quote request the final price will be determined based on the amount of hours it will take to fulfill your design and development specification.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to my server will not be granted, if you require access to the code and database etc you should choose an un-hosted solution.

To get started, add the product to your quote request by clicking the “Add To Quote Request” button. From there you can visit the Quote Request page and complete your specific design and development specifications. 

This baseline product includes the following:

  • E-Commerce Services Addon
  • E-Commerce Management UI

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