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The TechBubble Technologies Video Gallery provides you with recent and past videos of our projects and events we have attended.

Intel IoT Dev Fest: A.I & Machine Learning in the IoT

Intel IoT Dev Fest: A.I & Machine Learning in the IoT

This talk looks at the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Internet of Things.


Announcing IoT JumpWay Developer Community

IoT JumpWay

Coming in March 2018 the IoT JumpWay Developer Community, a social network based around the IoT JumpWay and the developers that use it to create IoT projects.


A look back at Web Summit Lisbon 2017

Event & Competition Videos

A look back at Web Summit Lisbon 2017, where we demonstrated the Artificial Intelligence Assistants A.I. E-Commerce Store & TASS PVL ( TASS A.I ). We engaged thousands of people over the course of the 3 days and it was great to see so much innovation and meet new contacts. See you next year!


Demo of the Artificially Intelligent E-Commerce Store

Artificial Intelligence E-Commerce

TOA, the Artificially Intelligent store assistant, lives on A.I. E-Commerce stores and assists visitors, helping them find the products they want and checkout.


Demonstrating TASS PVL @ WebSummit Lisbon

Demonstrating TASS PVL & A.I. E-commerce Store @ WebSummit Lisbon

TechBubble founder Adam Milton-Barker, demonstrating TASS PVL @ WebSummit Lisbon 2016.


The future of retail is here! Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence E-Commerce

The future of retail is here! Staffless & stockless storefronts, powered by Artificial Intelligence.