TIA Deep Learning NLU Engine

TIA is an NLU Engine created with Tensorflow, TFLearn and Mitie. The project has been created to power my home IoT network and will be integrated into TechBubble Technologies products.

AI 2 AI communication

TIA Deep Learning NLU Engine

A demo of AI to AI communication using custom built Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine and Android application.


ARC Redevelopment & TIA First Interaction Via ARC

TIA Deep Learning NLU Engine

ARC, the TechBubble Technologies GUI is currently being developed. One of the focuses is to make the GUI more team focused and now includes ways of team members to communicate and interact easily. TIA, powered by the NLU Engine we are developing, is now integrated and be communicated with via ARC. This video gives a quick introduction to ARC and TIA.