AI 2 AI communication

A demo of AI to AI communication using custom built Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine and Android application.

A few notes:

- This was trained (As Google's demo was) on a single domain dialog specifically for the demo, it very easily goes wrong

- It took a few attempts to record the demo due to the speech recognition and synthesis clashing

- If a question was asked that was outside of the AI's scope it would mess up.

The media is spreading a lot of BS about the demo, claiming it passed the Turing Test, claiming it is general intelligence etc etc and people are believing this. It is very easy to produce an AI that converses like theirs, although my methods are not as advanced as Google's, you can see what I mean from the video Their. main break through was in the actual sounding of the voice which is most definitely the best I have ever heard and it definitely worked well in the call.

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