My own website is a Bootstrap 4 responsive website with a PHP/MySQL backend. The projects/services/events & gallery content management systems that power the website were custom built.



About this project

Responsive website design & development including projects gallery, E-commerce services system, events gallery, photo gallery and blog.

On my return to the UK I decided to revamp my personal website. The website is a dynamic website based on Bootstrap with a PHP & MySQL backend and is an example of my Hosted 5 Page Responsive Website with addons.

The services system is an example of my Hosted E-Commerce Services Addon, a custom built E-Commerce system with Stripe integration that allows customers to create custom quotes and add any of my off the shelf systems to their quote. The events & photos features are also examples of my Content Management Systems.


Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript/Jquery
  • Bootstrap