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IBM Global Mobile Innovators Tournament Smart Homes Semi Finalists 2016
AT&T Foundry Winners 2016
AT&T Foundry Winners 2016
Intel / Microsoft / IoT Solutions World Congress Hackathon Intel Experts Award Winners
TEDx Melbourne



I am a self taught programmer with over 13 years experience in various aspects of the tech industry. My professional developing life began as a web developer in 2003 to promote my DJing and events in the Northwest UK and advanced from there over the years. I am actively involved in a number of disruptive and non-disruptive technologies ranging from web and Facebook development to the Internet of Things, Natural Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, BioHacking and I am also researching and developing with BCI (Brain Computer Interface) applications for the Internet of Things.


My aim is to raise awareness for modern technology and security and to help people learn how to use modern technology safely to enhance their productivity, efficiency and quality of life through the products and services provided via the TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem for Connected Homes & Businesses.


This website is a place to find out about the development services I provide and also a personal account of my advancement through the tech industry.


TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem

The TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem is made up of a range of technology platforms for connected homes & businesses, managed and controlled by a central online operating system. There are currently three platforms that make up the EcoSystem: the web / mobile / desktop / business administration & social media platform, the Internet of Things platform (IoT JumpWay) and the Artificial Intelligence Assistants platform.







Intel Software Innovators



Intel Experts Award Winners 2016


TechBubble Technologies, IBM / 4YFN Global Mobile Innovators Tournament Semi Finalists In Smart Homes Category


TechBubble Technologies, IBM Glovators Semi Finalists


TechBubble Technologies, IBM Glovators Explorer


TechBubble Technologies, AT & T Foundry Hackathon 2016 Winners


TechBubble Technologies, Microsoft / Arduino World's Largest Maker Challenge Phase 1 Winners

TechBubble Technologies IoT JumpWay

The TechBubble Technologies IoT JumpWay is the core of the TechBubble Technologies IoT services, and allows developers & Makers to utilize state of the art IoT services by implementing them into their devices and applications, as well as powering the TechBubble Technologies IntelliLan devices.






TechBubble Technologies A.I. Assistants

The TechBubble Technologies Artificial Intelligence Platform brings Artificial Intelligence to the TechBubble EcoSystem, providing state of the art Artificial Intelligence Personal / Business & Facebook Assistants.





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TechBubble Technologies Members Of IBM Developer Works


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