The blockchain is a decentralized and distributed ledger. The blockchain is made up of blocks that store information in an immutable way, meaning that once information is stored on the blockchain, it can not be altered or removed. There are a number of blockchain technologies, the most popular being Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are public and private blockchains: public blockchains are open to anyone to use and are totally decentralized, no one controls them, the currencies used on public blockchains have real world value. Private blockchains are more centralized and are beneficial for businesses that want more control over a blockchain.

I design and develop custom private Blockchain networks, smart contracts and DAPPs, and can combine them with custom built online management systems, Artificial Intelligence, IoT devices and Virtual/Mixed Reality technologies to name a few.

Have a browse through my private Blockchain design and development portfolio to find out about my previous projects and to get inspiration for your project.