The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected devices (Things) that can communicate with each other using local networks or the internet, and machine to machine communication protocols. IoT devices normally have sensors attached to them, and even Artificial Intelligence models that monitor and analyse the physical environment around them. IoT devices are usually constrained, meaning they have low computing resources, and data processing is generally done on the edge. IoT networks have their own local storage and communication brokers, or utilize cloud services to send and store the data captured on them. A network that is entirely local is more beneficial as network owners have full control over their data, and the cost of the network is reduced.

I have been involved with the Internet of Things since early 2014 when I was first awarded a development board from Microsoft for my first project idea. Since then I have open-sourced many IoT projects, and a large amount of my role as an Intel Software Innovator has been focused around IoT. I can create end to end solutions from the software that IoT devices use, to the online management systems and mobile applications that communicate with the devices and utilize the data.

Have a browse through my IoT device/application design and development portfolio to find out about my previous projects and to get inspiration for your project.