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Anglesey Internet Of Things Development

I have been involved with IoT development since 2014 when I was awarded an Intel Galileo by Microsoft for one of my project ideas for the Microsoft Developer Program for IoT, since then I have worked mostly on IoT devices & networks combined with AI models such as computer vision and natural language understanding engines, that could be controlled by custom built management systems and application. In 2017 after winning the Intel Experts Award at the Intel/Microsoft IoT World Congress Hackathon, I was invited to join the Intel Software Innovators Program, since then I have focused on working on IoT/AI hybrid networks/devices & applications.

I can provide entirely custom built Internet of Things solutions based on your specific requirements, or applications based on my open-source projects. My IoT solutions can be integrated with a number of my other services such as web development solutions, content management systems, business administration systems, Artificial Intelligence/Virtual & Mixed Reality or Blockchain solutions.

My Internet of Things development services provide seamless integration between smart devices, mobile devices, web applications and networks.




What Is The Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is a network of connected devices (Things) that can communicate with each other using local networks or the internet and machine to machine communication protocols. IoT devices normally have sensors attached to them, and even Artificial Intelligence models that monitor and analyse the physical environment around them. IoT devices are usually constrained, meaning they have low computing resources, and data processing is generally done on the edge. IoT networks have their own local storage and communication brokers, or utilize cloud services to send and store the data captured on them. A network that is entirely local is more beneficial as network owners have full control over their data, and the cost of the network is reduced.

Communication Is Key

Which ever option you choose to take, I will work closely with you to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. From start to finish I will keep you in the loop ensuring that development stays on track with what you originally envisioned.


HIAS IoT Agents

An IoT Agent design to receive data via the MQTT protocol and forward to a Context Broker.

IoT Software


HIAS Context Broker

An implementation of an NGSI V2 Context Broker designed to manage the contextual data for an open-source IoT/Automation server for hospitals and medical organizations.

IoT Software


Hospital Intelligent Automation Server

IoT/Automation server designed for hospitals and medical organizations.

IoT Networks


Why Chose Me?

I have over 17 years experience in web design and development, and have worked with individuals and businesses around the globe. I have exceptional knowledge of a wide range of technologies and take pride in my work. My passion is helping people and businesses improve their lives with technology, and I can convert your ideas to reality on time and within budget.

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