Who I Am

I am a professional web and software development freelancer, Intel Software Innovator & NVIDIA Jetson AI Ambassador. I have 17+ years experience in web development, business administration systems, social media marketing, Facebook applications, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and more recently Virtual/Mixed Reality & Blockchain technologies.

I am self taught and a technology enthusiast, in particular I am an Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence fanatic. I enjoy learning new ways to develop projects and thrive on learning about and implementing the latest technologies.







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My journey started as a web developer building websites and business administration systems, before getting involved with Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. My passion is developing hybrid systems that include Internet of Things networks/devices & applications, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technologies, Mixed & Virtual Reality combined with web management systems and mobile applications.

I enjoy building projects from the ground up, however I am flexible to work on any type of project. My diverse experience with different technologies allows me to bring unique ideas to projects that I work on.


I enjoy creating open-source projects for the greater good. Over the last few years I have open-sourced a number of medical orientated projects including cancer detection. I am currently working on two open-source medical projects that are focused on automated hospital management, & patient owned medical records.

I began utilizing Artificial Intelligence for cancer detection in 2018 with Breast Cancer AI before creating the Peter Moss Acute Myeloid & Lymphoblastic Leukemia AI Research Project when my grandfather was diagnosed with AML in late 2018.


I am the Founder & Managing Director of Peter Moss Leukaemia MedTech Research CIC, a Community Interest Company created in memory of my grandfather. We are a team of volunteers who develop open-source & free technologies for medical use cases.

I have developed open-source Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality applications that combine VR & MR technologies with AI & IoT for medical use cases, an open-source hospital automation system and a distributed medical records network that will put ownership of patients' data back in the hands of the patients.